High flying

Maybe the mouse is dead. This is my first trip to Orlando in a plane full of grown-ups. Usually the background noise is whining and crying and… Damn! The cap’n has just come on the intercom congratulating Josie Something-or-other on her first flight and thanking her for the crayon rendition of the corporate mouse. Happily, Josie isn’t caterwauling or spreading her pertussis around the cabin. Yet.

Wi-fi in the sky. It could only be better if it was free.

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4 comments on “High flying
  1. Joared says:

    Very funny! Yeah, the cryers and coughers are a pain. Adults can be a problem for kids, too. I recall traveling to Orlando with my two children. I’d provided them with forerunner-to-the-tech-we-have-today battery operated hand-size games for entertainment. The adult male next to my son cajoled him out of his game under the guise of being a buddy when all the adult really wanted was to play the game.

  2. Wi-Fi in the sky if so cool. Last time I flew I hardly noticed how uncomfortable I was.

    • Just have to add that the iPad made it very cool indeed! Lamer that I sometimes am, I left the ear buds in the bag in the overhead bin so couldn’t watch netflix. But the unit was great for reading and staying caught up on important emails and tweetage.



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