And now a word for a sponsor

Whooga. That’s the word. I treated my new Whooga uggs with a leather conditioner. Repeated applications should make them water-proof, slush proof, smudge proof and whatever proof. Seems to work walking out in the morning dew. Still, I’ve yet to test them in doggie-doo, so we’ll see. Here’s a picture of them. I don’t think I’ll take them to Florida. I mean, a saltwater test would be great, but at ninety degrees who’s whooging whom?

How about another plug? AARP sent me a mini camcorder, something called an ISDV2.4. All I know about it is that it’s blue and it interfaces with my computer via a USB connection. The above snapshot was taken with that little beauty. I’m taking it out to the Obama/Feingold rally this afternoon to see if I can learn more about how it works.

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