Kitchen remodeling

We have a new kitchen floor. Maple. It’s a nice replacement for the gray asphalt tile that we put down when we added the new kitchen almost twenty years ago. The new floor extends down the hall into the laundry room. All the old gray tile is gone. We laid ceramic tile in the bathroom and the rear entryway where they butt up against the new maple.

The new floor mandated major refurbishment and appliance upgrades. We had the granite versus Corian debate about new kitchen counters. Corian won. I’ve already scratched it, but the finish was easy to restore.

Today I have to call Casablanca about the new ceiling fan qua light fixture. It’s a beautiful fan but somehow they left the blades out of the box when they shipped it.

The work remaining for me involves washing and painting the woodwork and refinishing the cabinet doors. I’m waiting for the saw dust to settle.

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2 comments on “Kitchen remodeling
  1. Don Harvey says:

    I’m happy for you. Really. Everyone should have a nice kitchen floor. Unless of course you haven’t a kitchen…but I digress. One day I’d love to stand on it myself and perhaps spill a little cabernet. But for now I just want to point out that this is the reason I do not twitter or facebook or otherwise invest myself in any similar forms of so-called social networking. Because, with the singular exception of your remarkable addition, I do not want to read about anyone else’s fucking kitchen floor. I’ll bet yours is really nice though. Love always, Harv

  2. Harv, you just enjoy it when I lard my prose with nifty phrases like “…the rear entryway where they butt up….”

    If you like my floor, you will lurv my new appliances.



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