Entrepreneurial ideas for these parlous times…

Wheelbarrow business. As the hyper-inflation bears down on us we will soon have to trundle wheelbarrow loads of money in order to buy a loaf of bread.

Molotov cocktail business. With troops soon to be garrisoned in our communities the time will come when we want to express our displeasure with tank treads tearing up the roads.

Weekly reality TeeVee show starring John and Sarah McSame. Guest appearances by papa Bush, mama Bush, and all the little Bushies.

Snakes. As the secular society collapses and the freakazoids from jesusland take over, they will need snakes to handle in their strange sabbath rituals.

Snake oil. Many uses. A US Health and Human Services Department contract should assure a long term cash flow. Explore biomass alternative energy possibilities. Bottle with patchouli scent and market as a personal lubricant.

Financial Counselor. Invent your own assets and sell them to your clients.

Quality print shop. High demand for quality print jobs in the stock certificate and derivatives businesses.

Black bread bakery. Cheap flour stretched with sand and dirt to bake loaves of highly profitable and barely nourishing black bread for the impoverished masses.

More to come, I’m sure.

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2 comments on “Entrepreneurial ideas for these parlous times…
  1. Bruce says:

    Re: the reality TeeVee show. Should it come to pass, I hope it will be as good as K.M. Breay imagines.

  2. Frank Paynter says:

    It already came to pass, Bruce. This bullshit with the dodgy Governor of Alaska and her soap opera household is semiotic sewage. The Breay scenario is pretty funny though.



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