Shark Week

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Heather Hravilesky’s Salon piece on Shark Week piqued my interest.  The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has legs. Check out these other nods to the annual celebration…

Shark Week cupcakes

Flying Sharks

Ryan Seacrest let’s it all hang out. (Could have been a lot worse than a toe, Ryan.)

LAist has fine chops

Rita Lugo is stoked for Shark Week!

You could join the Shark Week Artists FlickR group!

Shark Week – the only thing between Basketball season and Football season that makes life worth living — thom marshall

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a long way from the beach, but they do their best to overcome their geographic challenge during Shark Week!

Not everybody’s Shark Week coincides with the Discovery Channel Shark Week.

More cupcakes

… and a long list of blog posts about shark week…

…and of course if you miss it on cable there are plenty of frightening clips right here on the tiny screen.

UPDATE: Sam Wolinsky checks in with this information about National Geographic’s contribution to Shark Week! Sam says,

Hey Frank,

Just saw your post on Shark Week and wanted to let you know that Nat Geo has some really cool content up on their site.

Researchers at National Geographic have been studying shark behavior for decades and you can see the fantastic results online. has a hub dedicated to revealing everything about sharks. Check out photo galleries, feature stories and video clips all at

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