Face on the Bar Room Floor


Do the French have a word for “entrepreneur?”

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4 comments on “Face on the Bar Room Floor
  1. madame l. says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! C’est pas possible!

    OMFG! You couldn’t Make this Shit up. Drunk stupid motherfucker is now giving us political commentary. Boggles the fucking mind. “Bush is my president”. Well he’s not mine. Sarko is a little Napoleonic bastard who wants, really, to be president of the US. I shit you not. Loïc is just the first one he’s sending over. That is the view here from France. “You know I spend a lot of time in France.” Yeah, at the shittiest hotels possible (Hotel Meridian Etoile), designed to make Americans feel “at home”. You could be anywhere, but you ain’t in France, Con.

    Hugh is a lying piece of shit who won’t even tell us where he went to university and didn’t graduate from. The real cartoonist he claims to know and have hung out with in Chicago while he was (possibly: not confirmed) working at Burnett has never even heard of him. Fact. Not only did Hugh steal Everything from the Cluetrain, he actually repeats word for word a speech that Leo Burnett gave. Hugh’s obsession with “success” is distressing and telling. What you are watching, my friends, is one drunken clueless asshat.

    He has the body language of a liar. Give my regards to Monsieur Le Pen. “And go to Le Disco”. UnFuckingBelievable. You Know he smells bad. I can smell him from here. Someone please stick an apple in his mouth.

  2. Tree Shapiro says:

    Yes Frank, they do, but it’s very difficult to pronounce when you’re shitfaced. BTW, congratulations on your 22 year AA birthday! That’s what I call success. In any language. And happy birthday to your “boys”!

  3. bmo says:


  4. Tree, thanks for the props. Madame, what’s that they say… “Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery?” Something like that. bmo, my sentiments eggzackly.



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