Joe Lieberman and Electric Boat

It occurs to me that one of the reasons I’m so mistrustful of Joe Lieberman is that he thinks his constituency needs jobs making submarines that are capable of destroying entire countries and disrupting all life on this planet.  The USA has obviously not needed these weapons since Ronald Rayguns zapped the evil empire (many would argue we have never needed these weapons), so why do we continue to build them?   Easy answer:  We build them because General Dynamics at New London, Connecticut, and Northrop Grumman at Newport News, Virginia translate buckets of the cash they receive for the effort into contributions that keep the old warhorses like Lieberman alive in the Senate.

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  1. Brian Hayes says:

    Someday we’ll fuse desire for peace and will to war. The valor will join.

  2. As someone who grew up barely half an hour outside of Groton and New London, Connecticut I encourage you to go visit that area and see just how desperate it is for those jobs. The only other real option for employment is the two massive casinos. Lieberman is in a tough spot, if those submarines go away, so does the infrastructure of the region. If only it was so easy.

  3. I understand there have been lots of lay-offs already and another 400 planned. A lot of jobs have moved to Newport News where much of the work on the Virginia class is happening. New London gets tossed a bone from time to time, an $85 million maintenance contract here, a hundred million there, but in the overall budget of billions for silent strategic sea-borne nuclear destruction, this isn’t enough to keep things going.

    To a certain extent we’re in the same pickle that the former USSR found itself: over-budgeted for carnage, under-planned for sustained full employment.

    I’m sure the industrial northeast “needs jobs,” but as long as the current crop of Ayn Rand informed “objectivists” are in power, we will continue to see the nation’s wealth pulled out of our diverse industrial enterprise and converted to treasure for the oligarchs. There are plenty of vessels that could be built at the New London yards, and they need not include those tools of international terrorism, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. Electric Boat management only has one string on their banjo. They play a monotonous tune that only hacks like Lieberman would want to sing.

  4. Scruggs says:

    Frank, LarryE has a very good exploration of the military base problem, along with some possible solutions. He’s got experience trying to push them forward and has a grasp of the obstacles involved.

  5. Thank you for the link to LarryE, Mr. Scruggs. It lends some form to my feelings. Within that post is another link to an exploration of “peace conversion” alternatives, that is also very interesting.

  6. LarryE says:

    Wow, I’m famous! 😀 Nice to know you found that post useful.



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