Critic on criticism…

A few critics have been reading a little cartoon site, a site that is an interesting effort to turn the net into one man’s personal rice bowl, a site that is occasionally septic. The author there has been having a hard time taking the criticism. The critics themselves have been exceedingly gentle, not to mention genteel. Jeneane Sessum says, “You can’t spank ’em. You gotta let ’em walk into the paddle backwards.” Madame Levy observes, “The bigger the front the bigger the back.”

I see this cartoon business card with a guy with a really huge ass walking backwards into this paddle and getting spanked over and over for his own action.

I don’t want to seem mean or anything, but there is a place for critics in the art business. And if the artist is a guy who mixes his graphic material with his wine merchandising and a high tone taste for Savile Row tailoring, well… the guy better have a sense of humor. Especially if his global microbranding runs the gamut from high end clothing to discount store plonk. There’s a contradiction in there somewhere.

I wonder if I could get him to draw me a card that says, “I’d sell out in a minute but nobody’s buying.”

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