When will we feed Bim the dog and the chicks?

When will we feed Bim?

A little girl asked that question when the muslim terrorists took her prisoner in Beslan School Number One, September 1, 2004. Elsewhere in cyberspace… there is a site called Wikiquote, a collection of the most tendentious and tedious cliched responses one could imagine. From a story like this, they pull papal bullshit like this:

At the Vatican, Pope John Paul II condemned the attack as a “vile and ruthless aggression on defenseless children and families”

Who cares what this pope thinks? His pronouncements have all the moral weight of Dick Cheney’s flight to avoid prosecution for reckless use of a firearm in Texas. This is the same fascist goon who praised his predecessor in the context of his “obedience,” and later questioned the wisdom of his warm response to Bob Dylan. Wikiquote lacks soul, perhaps because it quotes people like Benedict instead of the little girl who just wanted to get home and care for her dog and chicks.

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4 comments on “When will we feed Bim the dog and the chicks?
  1. McD says:

    “Who cares what this pope thinks? ”

    Frank, Google the word “catholic”… this guy has more followers than John Lennon. There’s a anetwork of churches and such… be cool.

    How is Bim doing, by the way? I could care less about the chicks… I’m sure they became nuggets or some such. But Bim… did he get adopted or “you know”. We should start a fund to get Bim fixed.

  2. fp says:

    Here you got a trained Nazi, leader of a cult that has been amassing wealth and property since it was founded like five hundred years after the death of its inspirational charismatic leader, a man who valued simplicity and said it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. And this Nazi doesn’t just like 18th century motets better than Bob Dylan, the freakazoid doesn’t like Bob Dylan at all. So his predecessor (the hun’s, not the poet’s) did like Bob Dylan and one of the perks of the job is this papal infallibility thing, which sounds like papal bull to me, but you know, I can go with it. So this infallible dude likes Bob Dylan (as — it might be mentioned — do I) and fortunately he’s infallible so it’s a good thing to like Bob Dylan until along comes the next infallible guy who says it is NOT a good thing to like Bob Dylan, and I am wondering, is he like a Bono fan, or what. Then I remember, it’s Bach that he likes (one presumes J.S., since Karl Phillip Emmanuel and the rest of that krewe were a little derivative at best and some of them were downright chewy). Anyway, one day he was out polishing his Hitler Youth knife and he decides to diss his predecessor and mention in an off-handed and copyrighted way that John Paul was less than perfect because, well… he liked Bob Dylan, and I gotta aks you: is this the paradox of papal infallibilty or is this just some crypto fascist bush-borg wannabe playing mumblety peg with our minds while the greatest story ever told lies dormant and the biggest lies of the powerful and the privilged just keep pouring in? yeah, this buffoon has followers alright, and he has some bogus hats too. But again I have to ask, and this is not just some cheap shit rhetorical device like “Do I like candy? Well yeah, I like candy,” but it is more of a serious inquiry: Who the hell cares about this rogue pope’s followers if he himself is willing to support the rightists in El Salvador who killed Romero and raped the nuns?

    These people need to get a clue. And so do you, McD.

    oh, about the little doggie named Bim (and aren’t they all…). Bim was waiting with a waggy tail for little Katerina to come home from school that day, but little Katerina was a tad depressed having seen dozens of her classmates cooked alive by flame throwers (they screamed, and then they shriveled up like twists of paper when you burn them). Oh, there was also the part about the RPG that blew the heads and feet off a bunch of her classmates while she watched. Luckily Putin provided counseling right away, and no… I don’t think we would want to have Bim fixed. I think Beslan needs more puppies, not fewer.

  3. Yeah, bobby d AND johann sebastian… that’s the way the world turns.

  4. madame l. says:

    some of us enjoy that sort of thing.

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