Big argument today…

Who’s the real meanie and what does that mean anyway? Who will the Mean Kids pick on next? Kathy Sierra? Doc Searls? IBM is a Linux shop for goodness sakes, don’t tell me none of that rubs off on Doc.

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4 comments on “Big argument today…
  1. Kathy Sierra says:

    “Who will the Mean Kids pick on next? Kathy Sierra? ”

    It’s about f’n time. It’s always Tara Tara Tara.

  2. Shelley says:

    McD, I’ve not found many people comfortable with ‘taking me on’, probably because I don’t have anything to gain, and have nothing to lose.

    But feel free to do whatever based on the fact that I wrote a book on Ajax.

  3. Shelley says:

    There were errors and there is errata for the book, be sure to check the O’Reilly site for the book. I’d wait a week because I’m re-doing the examples next week.

    I don’t think they’d go after me–I’m not part of either the Cluetrain or the A list, and I don’t think I make much of a target anymore.



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