John Palfrey is in the House

How trivial to be here when Beth is home all worried about Molly and both of them could use the light of my love…

But:  How to make money blogging… yeah, that’s the ticket.

Chris Pirillo says its about branding yourself… the monetization of your life.  CPT versus CPC … adsense works but you have to tune it… take risks and hope Microsoft won’t sue…
Tony says blogging should be about writing, not making money… your blog should be just one of the places where your work (“your content”) shows up.
Following this outline:

  1. Making Money By Blogging
  1. Ads
  1. On your own site
  1. Text/images on your site (BlogAds, Adwords/Adsense)
  2. Sponsorships on site (TechCrunch, or the “Be Mike Arrington” strategy)
  • In feeds
  • In a podcast
  • In a vlog
  • Put other thing on your blog that generate money for you
    1. Classifieds (EdgeIo “listing” tag)
    2. Other feeds (Stylefeeder feed)
    3. Affiliate program from Amazon with famous books
  • Join a network of blogs
    1. John Battelle approach
    2. Corante,
  • Sell your feed content itself to publishers (will someone pay?)
  • Generate payment via aggregators (Feedshow?)
  • Give it to charity (Goodstorm?)
  • Making Money Off of blogging
    1. Sell software, services
    2. Winer solution (no ads, get famous, sell a pinger or the like)
    3. Host a conference (Web 2.0 Conference)
    4. Sell search etc. (Technorati, Feedster)
    5. Become a VC (make money off of other people’s work)
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    One comment on “John Palfrey is in the House
    1. Winston says:

      This subject seems to be popping up more frequently. Making money … I understand, since I am an entrepreneur. Turning a pastime, a hobby, something I do for pleasure and enjoyment and personal growth, into a money making venture is something that I do not understand. For me at least, that would take all the fun out of it. But then, “different strokes …”

      My brother, who does not blog, write, read or know ho to spell PC, loves to sit in his little fishing boat on a quiet lake with a hook in the water and a beer in his hand. That is his “time” and that is how he prefers to spend it. For me, trying to make money from blogging would be tantamount to him getting paid for fishing and drinking beer. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea… Not, let’s see…



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