But wait, there’s less!

Reading Scoble’s blog about his departure from MS, I realize how pissy my ho-humming it in the previous post might seem.  Robert’s earnest integrity, his unselfconscious self-absorbtion, his position as avatar of tech bloggers everywhere – all point to a more serious and credible context for this “one man leaves corporate gig for a well funded job with a small company” story.  So for anybody who is heavy into Scobleism as a faith or a political practice, I can only apologize for my small and perhaps demeaning sense of the story.

As for Liz Lawley, I wish her nothing but the best!

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2 comments on “But wait, there’s less!
  1. Liz Lawley says:

    Thanks, Frank. 🙂

    Unlike Scoble, I was at Microsoft on a one-year visiting researcher line while on sabbatical from RIT…and will be returning to teaching in the fall, as planned.

  2. madame l. says:

    enjoying her medications administered concealed in rolled up thin sliced ham.

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