Is Business Ready for Social Software

Stowe Boyd, Kaliya Hamlin, Seth Goldstein

Eric Bonabeau is quoted:  "managers would rather live a problem they can’t solve than with a solution they don’t fully understand or control."

Seth:  Data is available, and the extent to which businesses are opening up access to their data through APIs is driving the growth of the social software space.  … " is crystallized attention" says Seth, and then spoils it with some kind of skewed reference to crystal meth, so now I think is something that burns the nostrils or something.

Kaliya:  Let’s talk about customers…  companies in e-transactions get all the data on customers.  This thread reminds me of the medical records data ownership controversy.

Kaliya brings up "the Hollywood model" of business formation.  Many of us seem to be working on this kind of a project-production basis.

Mark Palermo from ASCAP is here and asks a question, or rather offers an observation…  my observation is that Mark is from ASCAP… a signifier itself.

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