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Julia2Madame L. posted regarding the death of Julia Darling. 

Julia Darling was a poet, a playwright, an artist, a blogger — another of the brilliant people whose work I do not know.  Fortunately, I am part of a community whose knowledge, tastes, experience, awareness transcends my little slice of our shared reality.

When I read Julia Darling’s blog, I felt tears coming.  She is a woman I wish I knew.  Her writing is clear and open and direct.  I am sorry for the pain that those who knew her must be feeling now.

I hope her family and friends see fit to preserve her work online. I recommend to you her archives.  She maintained a weblog from September 7, 2002 through April 12, 2005.  Here is Ms. Darling’s first post:

It’s a rainy Saturday, and I’ve got to finish the script for my play
which is on at Live Theatre in November. This is a play for actors
Charlie Hardwick and Trevor Fox, called Attachments, and though it’s
only forty minutes long I seem to have been tinkering with it for
months. Two handers feel very mercurial to write. There is no room for
clutter, and I’m trying not to be over lyrical and to just let the
characters go. On Monday we start rehearsals for Doughnuts Like
Fanny’s, a play about Fanny Cradock, that’s being produced by a company
over in Penrith.

After two days over there I must return to my novel which lies waiting for attention.

Otherwise, my health is good, and I’ve just finished
reading The True Story of The Kelly Gang by Peter Carey, which is
really good. I can’t stop thinking about Ned Kelly’s armour, which I
saw once when visiting Melbourne. Next I am going to read Salley
Vickers new novel Instances of The Number Three. I really loved Mrs
Garnett’s Angel which was her first novel.

This is my first entry into this diary, and a bit of an experiment. I wonder if anyone will read it?


Posted by Julia on 7 September 2002 at 3:21 PM

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