Irony or Something

I came home to a house full of creatures glad to see me… okay, there’s a hierarchy.  Beth ranks right upo there being my life partner and all, but Molly is so enormously expressive that she deserves props for making me feel loved too.  And Veneta!  Surprisingly, even Veneta the kitty let me know she’d missed me by flopping on the floor in front of me so I could bend over and pet her.  A lot. 

But then real life caught up.  I opened the email I’d saving up since Friday and tackled the top priority.  As I was waxing eleoquent the phone rang and it was my correspondent just checking in.  Thinking to save some keystrokes I told him what I was writing.  That led to a lengthier assignment, a full blown critique of a proposal that I didn’t write but had told him I thought we could improve.

Then I was faced with addressing the angst of a high school student regarding what he was calling "Conscientious Objection to the draft."  He had four detailed questions for me to answer and I have no clue whether he’s looking to develop a better understanding of Conscientious Objection, or wants to encounter recruitment in his high school, or whether he’s going to volley back a response because he’s out there trolling for pacifists who will talk about their perspectives.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading blog postings about BloggerCon 3, a good event for a number of reasons and way better than numbers one and two for two specific reasons:  there was coffee, and the Stanford Law School has Herman Miller Aeron chairs in its large lecture halls, whereas Harvard has suck seating.

And I’m letting a small burden of guilt build up around some photos I promised to share with some people, and I could be photoshopping those a little and emailing them out, but no-ooo… greedy old me.  I’ve decided to write a blog posting — and here is where the irony comes in — I’ve been so immersed in life that I’ve had to make hard choices about writing about it all.  What if you went to a BloggerCon and didn’t have time to post????

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  1. Stu Savory says:

    Sunday I did a dog-blog photo share, so it’s about time you shared a new Molly photo day too Frank.




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