Stroking Michael

Michael O’Connor Clarke provides a recipe for “summer fruit pizza;” and, while doing that, he reflects offhandedly about and links to “Delia.” Now this is what blogging is about: I might never have found Delia without Michael, and since they locked down that bad bee-ach Martha, there has been a definite home-stylin’ vacuum in my life. Actually, since Martha went retail I’ve felt her slipping away, but now I have Delia! Thank you Michael.

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5 comments on “Stroking Michael
  1. Dervala says:

    Delia is the bomb! Thank god for

    My other favorite English kitchen goddess (and they are all English, come to think of it) is Nigella Lawson. The world’s sexiest woman, in my inexpert opinion.
    She’s been known to wear an “I Heart Delia” shirt, or something like it.

    Did you know that Delia owns a football team? (Proper football, that is.)

  2. Glad to be of service (*doff*).

    For those of us who done our grunnin’ up in the UK, Delia was Delia long before Martha ever folded the damask.

    We all thought she’d gone a bit mental back in 92/93 or whenever it was – she went through an entire series using limes/lime juice/lime leaves in every single flipping recipe – but all the ones I tried worked, so I forgave her.

    And yes, Dervala’s quite correct, she is indeed the majority shareholder of Norwich City footie club, bless her heart.

    Nigella Lawson, meanwhile, would be utterly perfect if only her producers could convince her to spill chocolate sauce or warm custard all down the front of her frock as a highlight of each show.


  3. Anonymous says:

    When Delia’s ‘How to Cook Book One’ came out a few years back, she had an entire chapter on egg basics.

    Egg sales in the UK jumped 10%. The industry recovered completely from the dark days of Edwina Currie.

    If I were a hen, I’d give Delia an egg.

  4. andrew says:

    > if only her producers could convince her to spill chocolate sauce or warm custard all down the front of her frock

    Um, even if she did, you can’t actually lick it off you know: all you’ll taste is cold glass, dust and a slight static-electricity tingle.

    Mmm, though on second thoughts, those of us with small children would probably taste a solidified mixture of chocolate spread, yoghurt, milk, cereal, chewed biscuit and snot. From which you may or may not be able to imagine chocolate sauce or custard.

  5. Jessica says:

    She’s pretty close to Martha, but Martha has cooking, gardening, decorating, weddings, and kids under her belt. I wouldn’t mind watching a new “living” diva on television. Lynette Jennings did the decorating stuff, but it was pretty tacky.

    Martha Stewart Living is now on Style three times a day though. It’s not so bad if you don’t mind watching reruns for 10 months.



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