Two Writers

Or three writers, perhaps hundreds of writers…. anyway, here are perspectives from two writers responding to Shelley’s LAMP work in comments to a post she wrote yesterday. As a bit of background, Shelley is assembling a Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl-python-php-pootpoot Primer that will ease the technical understanding of bloggers everywhere, especially those who choose to take some control over their own infrastructure and code.

Of course, a lot of bloggers are happy to be quite clueless, tech-wise. Why should this medium be any harder for a writer to use than a Bic and a ruled tablet? For example, Joseph Duemer comments, “Shelley… You’re a pal, so I can say that I honestly think the audience for the LAMP stuff is pretty small. Most of those who read it with understanding already are initiated; the rest of us simply get lost. I say this because you have been an eloquent spoksperson for bridging the tech / non-tech divide. As someone from the non-tech side, I can tell you that I ain’t gonna be messin’ round with no LAMP. When I want that shit done I’ll hire & guide & buy her a flashlight.”

On the other side of the coffee-shop sit people like Andrea James (ARJ) who shares a contrary opinion: “I can’t say how big the audience size would be for LAMP stuff not associated with weblogging, but for people like me who just up and decide they wanna learn something new, and have some technical chops under their belts, essays like this are a really valuable introduction. I spent a lot of time on a very steep learning curve when I first dipped my toes into my own web-based programming stuff. It would have been nice if something had evened out the grade a bit.”

This blogger looks forward to the leisure to enjoy what Shelley has written and to piece together a deeper technical understanding at my own desk with Shelley’s writing and a few good manuals as guideposts. I’ll never be a code chopper of the first water, but Shelley’s work does more than pique my interest, it motivates me to wade into the shallow end of the pool and try a few strokes on my own.

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2 comments on “Two Writers
  1. Shelley says:

    Thank you Frank, for your kind words.

    I’m not sure I’ll do more LAMP. But then, I’m not sure what there is left to do.

  2. fp says:

    For me what’s left is to read it… maybe print it out and read it while I goof around with stuff.



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