A big THANK YOU to David Sifry!

Susan Mernit turned me on to this today. So a big thank you to Susan too!

Here’s what Mr. Sifry has to say:

Tonight, BoingBoing added in a new feature that allows you to to find “Other blogs commenting on this post” for each post. It is an ingenious use of the Technorati search functionality embedded inside of the Movable Type template that BoingBoing uses. This is a great way for a site to provide a distributed commenting system that incorporates transparency and accountability – to comment on BoingBoing, you just post something that links to BoingBoing, and you’ll show up in the “Other blogs commenting on this post” page. It also discourages spammers and trolls, because all comments must be posted on the commenter’s blog, and those posts are accountable – even if you want to remain anonymous, the commenting blog can now itself be commented upon, ad infinitum.

This little enhancement is going to work its way through the blogging community like head-lice at kindergarten! …like the plague through Europe. …like the meltdown at Chernobyl. Why can’t I think of any sweet viral happenings? This is to blogging like coon skin caps were to the Davy Crockett craze. I dunno… it’s in there somewhere… the highest praise. I’m just having a hard time letting it out.

Interesting aside… Susan’s post seems to have an URL that’s too long for Technorati to parse, or something. My link probably won’t be cataloged! Let’s publish and see…

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