So Much to Read

Okay. I haven’t sent the book yet. Probably if I had sent the book then arch Kombinator Marek (aka Soapbox Louie) would have linked me when he set up the new site. As it is he links only famous people. I would be famous too if I could keep my promises in a timely fashion. I will send you the gawdamn book! I will I tell you! How long must I put up with this persecution? It hasn’t even been six months since I promised it. I’ve had it at home on my desk and I wanted to read it first. But there’s just so much to read. Some people read whole bookstores. I’m lucky to last through the credits on a Sopranos re-run.

I will send you the book. It is in honor of your citizenship. As a citizen – or “citoyen” as residents of Louisiana are required to pronounce it – you get a book. I have ordered and taken delivery of the book. I have not read the book myself, but it is about play and I am not about play. I, like a necrophiliac Oscar Wilde character, I am in dead Earnest. No play here by god. Just serious bullshit. So when I send the book you may want to smudge the room or some other new age bullshit that will clear the straight and narrow and furrowed brow vibes. I heard a native American on the radio saying that the whole new age bullshit thing was like the genocide. Probably he was confused, or I was confused in what I heard, since the genocide was a pretty bad thing. But his point was that both the genocide and the new age hippie-dippie bullshit were based on some cultural assumptions that were dead wrong. No relation to dead Earnest. I’m going to write a story, “The Importance of Keeping Promises.” When I am finished I will send the damn book.

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3 comments on “So Much to Read
  1. Ken Camp says:

    The SOB didn’t link me either. Maybe I should send him a book even though I never said I would.

  2. fp says:

    If you would send him a book, then I might be off the hook… whoa! I’m into a hip-hop thing here.

  3. Mike Golby says:

    “all those unequal don’t want to be the same
    they want to smell nice want to be fat and gay
    the central equalizer will pick them out
    and right away we’ll catch them all and apply

    equal shoes and equal teeth and a nose
    equal enthusiastic feelings and thoughts
    with the same paint we will equalize them
    for the banner says be the same
    say be the same
    say be the same.
    be equal be equal be equal.”

    “=” Equals | Grzegorz Ciechowski

    Cause or effect of Kombinat :)?



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