Pants on Fire

Condoleeza Rice appeared on CBS news this morning. When asked about her eight lies and countless misleading statements documented in the Congressional Report on Lies and Misleading Statements by the Executive Branch, lies and misleading statements she has made over the years in the build-up to the invasion of Iraq and during the last year during the war… pop quiz: do you think she addressed the question a) simply and honestly; b) with more lies; c) with evasive answers but nothing false or misleading; d) with misleading statements; e) both b) and d).

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2 comments on “Pants on Fire
  1. It was such a disgusting piece a bald face lying I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Maybe it’s the chest cold I have that was making me gag but I doubt it. I couldn’t help noticing that she’s trying to start/reinforce the meme that the capture of Osama or his top aides would hardly slow al-Qaeda down. That’s sure a different story than the administration floated prior to the demonization of Saddam (since which time Osama’sname has not passed Bush’s lips as far as I know). How convenient for them if that meme takes off – it allows them to keep raising that terror level at intervals to frighten the populace into voting for Bush.

  2. Bruce says:

    yeah, Dynamic. Heightened terror, even an incident, will play into their hands. “If you change leaders now, you will die!” will be their message in a nutshell.

    Of course, if the day comes that they do trot out Osama, they can flip the story back to “Osama public enemy no. 1 and no one, except us few here and there, will bat an eye.



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