Breaking Godwin’s Law

From Guardian Unlimited

US government faked Bush news reports

Chris Tryhorn
Tuesday March 16, 2004

TV news reports in America that showed President George Bush getting a standing ovation from potential voters have been exposed as fake, it has emerged.

The US government admitted it paid actors to pose as journalists in video news releases sent to TV stations intending to convey support for new laws about health benefits.

Investigators are examining the film segments, in which actors pretending to be journalists praise the benefits of the new law passed last year by President Bush, to see if they could be construed as propaganda.

Two of the films are signed off by “Karen Ryan”, who was an actor hired to read a script prepared by the government, according to production company Home Front Communications

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3 comments on “Breaking Godwin’s Law
  1. jr says:

    I find this disturbing for several reasons. The obvious one of trying to pull a fast one, the fact that all the reports I’ve seen on this have been international, and I would expect the Republican party to be be hind this so why is it reported as the government admits?

  2. fp says:

    Well, it was “the government” that spent taxpayers money making propaganda films. Of course it was the so-called Republicans, an oxymoronic irony if there ever was one, since the “republicans” are doing their best to tear down the republic in favor of a corporate imperialism that knows no national law… but back to the question, the fault lies somewhere in Republican Tommy Thompson’s cheesy Dept of Health and Social Services or whatever they call it… Republicans paid for advertising Republican programs, and crossed the boundary between fictive presentation and journalism and actually ran into one of the bloggers’ earliest ethical dilemmas… unfortunately they ran into it with a steam roller and left it dead in the road. For them, there is no truth, no ethics. They control the vertical. They control the horizontal. They’re bad mofos… and they’ll do whatever they think will keep them in power. How many people think they’ll sit idly by and permit a democratic regime change in the United States?

  3. Stu Savory says:

    Obviously Dubya couldn’t find anyone to do it for free, so he (had the taxpayer) pay for Claqeurs.

    Two things disturb me:
    1) He MUST realise what munitions he’s giving Kerry by doing this so obviously. But it doesn’t worry him. His friends at Diebold will fix it (their 2004 motto is ‘a vote for Kerry is a vote for Bush’).

    2) Don’t you have a rule in the US saying parties must pay for their propaganda, gummint monies may NOT be used? IT gets in my craw when I see this misuse happening.




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