The 2004 bloggies have been awarded. Scott Johnson’s Feedster crew and Joey de Villa (Accordion Guy) lost to some tough competition. Boing Boing aced out Joey for weblog of the year. Movable Type had an edge over Feedster in the best web application for weblogs category. Heather Champ lost the photography award behind Shutterbug but she came back strong and won the lifetime achievement award.

Congratulations to all.

[They didn’t have a best postmodernist category… let’s see if we can’t get that one started. They have a best political blog category after all. How come philosophers always get the dirty end of the stick?]

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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for the nice support. I commented on this over in the Feedster Blog:

    When you’re compared to MT, its like being up against LOTR — you just ain’t going to get the award.




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