I, dilettante…

People want easy access to just-in-time knowledge and expertise. And this dynamic is spreading rapidly, from the independents and small groups of professionals to work groups and internal markets for value-added information inside large organizations.

Business professionals, and their clients and partners, increasingly need to cope effectively with an ongoing torrent of information. The appetite for high-end, customized business information – the type of information that helps people become and remain more influential, make decisions and connect with each other to start practical relationships – has to date created a $15 billion market in professional publishing in the US alone. Blogging is extending and re-shaping this market.

QuickDraft is a tool and application that allows knowledge professionals to extract valuable pieces of information micro-content from the ongoing flow, and then reassemble and redistribute those pieces for specific uses – my content, my way, for my and my clients’ purposes.

Thanks to Jon Husband for the thinkage, and Ken Camp for the linkage… providing me with more food for thought about drinking from the firehose and how not to hurt myself while savoring every drop.

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    Thanks, Frank for the mention.



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