Rachel Corrie

Learning Flash and researching Rachel. Presentation due by Saturday morning in Milwaukee. Right now I’m worrying over a detail. The sequence of photos that show Rachel with a bullhorn (side shot), Rachel facing down the bulldozer (shot from behind her) and Rachel’s body after the Israeli driver willfully ran her down and backed up over her without raising the blade… these photos, while sequential, were taken throughout that long sad day. The impression they give, particularly the last two, is that Rachel stood – facing down the dozer – and he ran straight over her. By the time she was murdered, Rachel was sitting. The driver knew she was there. So did the driver of the other dozer and the Israeli tank crew that watched over the dreadful demolition work that day. There is little doubt that the act was intentional, but the common use of the photos to depict a story sequence has confused matters. Rachel was run over quite a while after the middle picture was taken.

I may have been looking at them too long, but somehow for me the story is cheapened by the story-board effect that appeared in the media last year.

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