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Shelley posts a link and a recommendation…

“I am wary of how to be a better writer guides, but the Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See by Holt Uncensored is excellent. The sections covered are: repeats (crutch words), flat writing, empty adverbs (avoid fat writing), phony dialog, no-good suffixes, the ‘to be’ words, lists (uh, well, ignore this one), show don’t tell, awkward phrasing, and commas.”

Meryl Kaplan Evans comments on the Bird’s post:

“Great article indeedy as I mentioned it on Jan. 12. I also recommend On Writing Well by William K. Zinsser. I immediately applied the suggestions he made. I also like Rambo’s First Blood author, David Morell’s Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing: A Novelist Looks at His Craft.”

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