Jackbooted Thugs

Kelly Bornshlegel of Madison, a former volunteer at Madison’s Rainbow Book Store Cooperative, now in Palestine for several months with an International Solidarity Movement witness team, was severely beaten this week by Israeli troops. Here’s her emailed account…

i spend my time walking on the streets with medical volunteers, escorting people, visiting occupied houses and getting people the food and medicine that they need. two days ago i was walking down the street to meet a friend that had just arrived, and a soldier jumped out of his jeep and tried to grab me. he didn’t ask me to come with him, only grabbed my jacket and started pulling me into the jeep.

i sat on the ground. i asked him to tell me what he wanted and why he was grabbing me. he responded by hitting me with the butt of his gun and another three soldiers came to help him. i lay on the ground and tried to resist being grabbed. the soldiers brutally kicked and dragged me across the pavement towards a jeep, pulling my shirt up, and making my head hit the ground. i again attempted to peacefully resist as they tried to pull me into the jeep. the soldiers responded with force, choking me with an m-16 and hitting me all over my body with another. i couldn’t breathe and was in much pain and kept telling them to let me go, that i needed a doctor. they dragged me into the jeep, where i was forced to lay on the floor. they kicked me all over my body.

they took me to an occupied house where two palestinian men were being held, blindfolded and handcuffed. i was too weak to walk and still had trouble breathing, so they carried me. later, i was taken to huwarra checkpoint outside of nablus where i, and two of my friends who came with me, were detained for two hours as the police and dco decided what to do with us. eventually we were allowed back into nablus as they had nothing to charge us with, and our passports were in nablus.

this morning the soldiers left balata, only to return with even more military than before at 2:00 p.m. [Friday] soldiers are on every street, down every alleyway and in many homes. they have occupied both a school and a mosque. many people have been arrested – they were rounding up many men and boys from homes and from the street. at one house they arrested an eleven year-old boy. no one knows when they will leave or what they will do. until then, everyone waits, imprisoned inside their homes, waiting
for happens next…


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Jackbooted Thugs

  1. Mike Golby says:

    The brownshirts are merely following Ariel’s lead given at the Herzliya Conference December 18. Read it at Electronic Intifada, as well as follow-up comment there and at CounterPunch. Israel’s genocide is a form of suicide; the abused become the abuser, but it’s old news… Many have been shouting from the rooftops for years… It’s time to shut up now, I guess. Watching the US, Israel and most of the First World pursuing their March of Folly has become interesting. Like someone living with an addict, I once feared it, questioned it, or ranted at it, but I have now come to terms with it. This has a downside. As Sharon locks down Palestine so that Bush can proceed with his march to a bloody hegemony, I find myself dealing with a whole new problem, i.e. relinquishing my desire to see devastating blowback. It’s an ugly thing to harbor and I don’t like it. But it’s there… these buggers have gone too far.



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