I’m not an ENT man. Yet. And I’d defy a knowledge collector to make use of my wise-ass topic on this post. Yet. But dig what Paolo has been saying…

Our main goal is the development of an enterprise news aggregator that leverages the power of shared topics to present new ways of finding and combining the real knowledge in your organization.

I’m chary of “enterprise-wide” solutions becasue of the diversity of classes of “enterprise.” Will large banks or insurance companies find this addition to the toolset useful? What about hospitals and clinics? How? How does it fit with existing business processes? How might it improve them? What obstacles exist for implementation? How much will it cost to remove the obstacles? Maybe we can get a button man in from Cleveland.

What we are doing is separating the process of topics creation from the actual association of topics to content. While the possibility of adding topics to posts still exist and it’s the best way of doing it, there are also other ways of associating content and metadata,

The first one is TopicMatching, which allows us to add topics to posts streaming through our servers automatically. Visiting our open w4 site, you will be able to see content from about 100 weblog grouped using topics created by about 15 “active users” (users with the k-collector client). In other words we are leveraging on the work of a few people to categorize a vast amount of content.

We are also investigating other ways of creating topics on our site. For example by analyzing words used in search engines that brought users on our sites. There are also other options we are testing which will allow to improve the results.

I have a feeling that this represents a bit of incrementalism that the integrators can carry forward into a real enterprise solution set that already has legs… something like [choke] PeopleSoft or some other aging so-called “knowledge management system” whose time is finally arriving. Amazing how the idea of knowledge management was marketed and spread around long before the tools to make it a reality were even in development, much less perfected.

The ENT research direction seems sound… evectors is out there with a Content Management approach that many types of large organizations will find useful. The task remains I think, to identify these enterprises and effectively sell into them on a short enough sales cycle that the tool hasn’t been superannuated beore it can be implemented.

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